Livestock / Animal Nutrition

805 FEED & AGRICULTURE realizes proper nutrition for your herd means much more than supplying grass, hay and seasonal feed programs. Our team of experts include local field representatives and PhD Animal Nutritionists which understand the importance of regionalized formulations to meet specific nutritional requirements.

Our liquid feed and tub supplements provide supplemental vitamins, minerals, protein and energy which promote in-body conditioning scores and improves breed up.

Our liquid supplements are carefully formulated and manufactured to bridge the gap between what forages provide and what your cattle require. Whether you require truckload bulk quantities, or refillable totes or buckets, 805 FEED &  AGRICULTURE is here to service you.

Portable Feed Mixing Station


  • Increased forage digestibility and utilization
  • Convenience
  • Highly palatable method to provide supplemental protein, energy, vitamins and minerals
  • Minimal waste
  • Opportunity for less dominant animals to come to the feed unchallenged
  • Increased breed up % and reproductive performance
  • Potential for increased calf immunity and long-term health advantages¬†