Farm Products

Our name says it all…from livestock, to wine and crop production, 805 Feed and Agriculture has the product, and the personnel to manage your needs.
Liquid feed, tub supplements and custom feed rations for livestock. For the farming community, we carry specialty minerals such as Limestone, Bentonite clay, kiln dried sand and gravel and an assortment of agricultural products.

Farming and Ranching is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard work! From day-break to dusk, it’s dedication! We at 805 understand this. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTION FOR TIME. NO SHORTCUTS! It is for this reason, every product that we carry has been time tested and proven on ranches just like yours.

Industries Served

Livestock / Animal Nutrition

805 FEED & AGRICULTURE specializes in formulating custom feed rations for California's Central Coast.

Wine Production

805 FEED & AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS INCLUDE kiln dried and screened filter media.

Crop Production

Part of crop production and cattle ranching is making certain you have quality seed for planting.