805 Feed & Agriculture

Our History

A-1 Grit Company found its humble beginning in Redlands, California when brothers, Harold and Sam Newman, opened their doors for the first time in 1957 as a custom poultry grit manufacturer. What started off as a small two brother business soon became a household name to farmers and ranchers in the region. As business grew, so did their need to expand. With years of kiln dried product knowledge behind them, A-1 Grit Company expanded into the roofing aggregate business. The brother’s knowledge coupled with the hiring of a young college graduate named Louis Medina, and a skilled team of loyal plant operators, quickly catapulted them into the forefront of the construction products industry. Today, A-1 Grit Company stands alone as the industry’s premier manufacturer of screened, kiln dried specialty aggregates.

Our Future

With an eye fixed toward the future, and extensive agricultural experience dating back to 1957, A-1 Grit’s decision to expand into California's Central Coast was a natural fit. By offering custom agricultural products uniquely designed and formulated to suit the 805 region, the 805 FEED & AGRICULTURE brand was created. By offering an array of custom agricultural specialty minerals to ranchers, farmers, well drillers, water treatment plants and wine manufacturers, we believe that we can partner with our patrons to help create a healthy and more vibrant Central Coast.